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Welcome to FLOW

Through cutting-edge technologies and collaborative efforts, we aim to create a sustainable future by optimizing wind farm performance and enhancing system reliability.

FLOW Partners

The dynamic FLOW consortium comprises 10 leading beneficiaries, forming a cohesive scientific cluster equipped with diverse expertise to ensure successful project implementation. Together, we harness our collective competencies to bridge research excellence gaps, synergize efforts, and achieve our ambitious goals.

Discover more about our dedicated partners and their contributions to shaping a sustainable and innovative future in the wind energy sector. 🌬️

FLOW Project Map

How do we contribute for the Clean Energy Transition

The EU's goal of becoming climate-neutral by 2050 requires a strong investment in renewable technologies, with an expectation of 300 GW of installed offshore wind energy capacity and up to 760 GW for onshore wind.

To meet these challenges, wind turbine manufacturers are building even larger turbines, some up to 400-m height and 30MW. However, these XXL turbines operate in uncharted atmospheric conditions for which current engineering design models are inadequate.

The FLOW project will enhance the physical understanding and engineering modelling capability of the higher parts of the atmosphere where these large rotors will operate, thus reducing uncertainties and increasing productivity and power production of wind energy projects.


FLOW provides a critical missing link for faster and cheaper deployment of wind energy in Europe to achieve climate-neutrality objectives.

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