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Project Coordination

Coordinated by DTU consists of proper coordination and organization of the project at a strategic level, ensuring project progress control and continuous update and reporting to the European Commission;

FLOW Project 7
FLOW Project 6


Open access knowledge hub development

Coordinated by Uppsala University will develop the open-access knowledge hub with experimental as well as high-fidelity simulation data sets;


Numerical Engineering models development               and validation

Coordinated by DTU that will further develop the atmospheric physics and wind farm aerodynamics forecasting models for offshore and onshore conditions, also in complex terrain, that runs fast enough to be used for optimisation of wind farm design in the wind energy industry;

FLOW Project 2
FLOW Project 3


Tools integration

Coordinated by Electricitè de France that will integrate the data access from WP2 and the engineering forecasting models in WP3 into a tool that can easily be adopted by the wind industry;


Tools validation through case studies

Coordinated by VESTAS will validate this tool on the massive amounts of industry data and apply the models to optimize wind turbine components such as blades and towers.

FLOW Project 4
FLOW Project 5


Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation

Coordinated by INOVA + is a transversal WP, with dedicated tasks to dissemination, communication and exploitation of results addressing the Target Groups of the project.

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