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FLOW Consortium Meeting | Online Session with Sibling Projects

Updated: Feb 26

Reflecting on an inspiring consortium meeting that brought together not only the dynamic minds behind the FLOW Project but also its sibling projects! 🌐

🌬️ The project coordinators connected virtually with the FLOW consortium that was held in Chatou, France, last month and shared updates on their ongoing work, providing valuable insights into the progress and innovations shaping the future of wind energy.

FLOW sibling projects joined the consortium meeting in an online dedicated session to sibling projects where the synergies were emphasized and an update of the technical advancements of the projects was made. The coordinators involved in this session were:

🔍 Simon Watson from Delft University of Technology, for shedding light on the advancements within the Meridional EU project.

🌀 Nikolay Dimitrov from DTU - Technical University of Denmark, for unraveling the developments within the HIPERWIND initiative.

🌪️ Jakob Mann, also from  DTU - Technical University of Denmark, for sharing insights from the Marie Curie network AptWind.

It was a session where passion and expertise collided, and everyone generously shared their ongoing work that propels the wind energy sector forward.

💪 Let's continue the momentum and drive innovation together! 🚀

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