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Highlights from the FLOW Project External Expert Advisory Board Meeting

The FLOW Project recently convened an important meeting of its External Expert Advisory Board (EEAB) during Torque Conference 2024 🌬️, gathering a distinguished group Advisory Board members to discuss the project’s current progress and its future trajectory. The agenda included a comprehensive update on the project, valuable input from the EEAB, and planning for upcoming meetings, culminating in a dinner 🍽️. This meeting served as a platform for critical discussions and collaborative efforts to ensure the project's ongoing success.

The meeting began with a warm welcome and introduction by Stefan Ivanell 👋, setting a positive and collaborative tone for the ensuing discussions. Stefan Ivanell and Jakob Mann, FLOW project coordinator, then presented a detailed update on the project progress, highlighting significant advancements and ongoing activities, particularly within Work Packages 3 to 5 📊. The presentation sparked scientific discussions, leading to valuable feedback from the advisory board.

The advisory board members expressed their enthusiasm for the FLOW Project 🌟, commending its ambitious goals and the substantial progress made thus far. They recognized the project’s potential to significantly impact wind energy research and development and conveyed their support for its continued advancement. The meeting also focused on planning for future gatherings to sustain momentum and foster ongoing collaboration. The next meeting is tentatively scheduled to coincide with the NAWEA 2024 conference in New Jersey 🗓️.

The FLOW Project remains dedicated to driving innovation in wind energy 🌐 and is committed to sharing its progress with the community. Stay tuned for more updates and subscribe to the newsletter or follow the project on social media for the latest news and developments 📣

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