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🌀 FLOW Webinar Highlights: Aerodynamic and Aeroacoustic Wind Tunnel Tests at Large Scale in the Poul la Cour Tunnel

Updated: Apr 29

In a webinar that marks the sixth anniversary of the inauguration of the Poul la Cour Tunnel, Professor Christian Bak, the Head of Airfoil and Rotor Design Section, as well as the Head of the Poul la Cour Tunnel, presented ground-breaking insights into aerodynamic and aeroacoustic wind tunnel tests at a large scale. The April webinar shed light on the significant efforts invested in optimizing the aerodynamics and aeroacoustics of wind turbine rotors, leveraging the capabilities of the Poul la Cour Tunnel as a crucial tool in this ongoing process.

Key Insights:

📚State-of-the-Art Wind Tunnel: Professor Bak provided an overview of the Poul la Cour Tunnel, emphasizing its status as the world's largest university-owned wind tunnel designed specifically for wind energy purposes. With a test section boasting dimensions of 3m wide, 2m high, and 9m long, and flow speeds reaching at least 105m/s, the tunnel facilitates high Reynolds number testing to support the evolving needs of larger wind turbines.

🌀Test Method Developments: The webinar highlighted the significant developments in test methods for blade sections (airfoils) enabled by the Poul la Cour Tunnel. Professor Bak discussed the two test section configurations, one with hard walls and optical access, and the other with Kevlar walls allowing for aerodynamic noise emission. Several examples of tests, including aerodynamics of thick airfoils, eroded airfoils, dynamic stall, and aeroacoustics of eroded airfoils, were presented to demonstrate the tunnel's capabilities.

🔍Research Contributions: Professor Bak's extensive research contributions in rotor aerodynamics and airfoil design were highlighted. With over two decades of experience in theoretical and experimental airfoil and rotor aerodynamics, he has played a pivotal role in designing wind turbine-dedicated airfoils, investigating rotor design concepts, and leading projects on aerodynamic performance evaluation.

👨‍🏫About the Speaker:

Professor Christian Bak is a distinguished figure in the field of rotor aerodynamics for wind turbines at DTU Wind and Energy Systems. As the head of the Airfoil and Rotor Design Section and the Poul la Cour Tunnel, he has spearheaded pioneering research efforts aimed at optimizing wind turbine performance and mitigating noise emissions. With a wealth of experience spanning over two decades, Professor Bak's expertise and leadership continue to drive innovation in wind energy research, contributing to the advancement of sustainable energy solutions.

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