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🌀 FLOW Webinar Highlights: Insights from Mobile Micro-Doppler Lidar Studies

Updated: Apr 29

In an illuminating webinar hosted on [Date], the FLOW project delved into the intricacies of wind flow dynamics with insights from Dr. Yelena L. Pichugina, a Senior Research Scientist at NOAA CSL. The presentation shed light on the utilization of Mobile Micro-Doppler Lidar technology to unravel wind flows around wind turbines, offering a comprehensive understanding of atmospheric processes crucial for advancing wind energy research and applications.

Key Insights:

🔍Challenges and Solutions: Dr. Pichugina highlighted the obstacles faced in Doppler lidar operations from mobile platforms, emphasizing the need for innovative solutions to mitigate platform-induced errors. Techniques such as Motion Compensation frames and Pointing Stabilization mechanisms were discussed, showcasing the importance of hardware design and data processing methods in obtaining accurate wind profiles.

🌀Wind Energy Applications: The webinar underscored the significance of mobile lidar technology for wind energy research and development. Case studies from wind farms in Colorado and participation in the American Wake Experiment (AWAKEN) project illustrated the pivotal role of mobile lidar systems in studying wind flow and turbulence around wind turbines, ultimately contributing to improving wind farm efficiency and optimizing turbine placement.

📚Scientific Contributions: Dr. Pichugina's extensive research contributions were highlighted, showcasing her expertise in utilizing Doppler lidar measurements to study various atmospheric phenomena. From quantifying Low-Level jet dynamics to assessing wake effects produced by operational wind turbines, her research has profound implications for enhancing numerical weather prediction models and advancing wind energy projects.

👩‍🔬About the Speaker:

Dr. Yelena L. Pichugina is a Senior Research Scientist at NOAA CSL, University of Colorado, Boulder. With a focus on Doppler lidar measurements, her research spans various atmospheric phenomena including Low-Level jet dynamics, wind ramp events, and wake effects from wind turbines. Dr. Pichugina's multidisciplinary expertise contributes to the planning and execution of numerous research campaigns, ultimately advancing our understanding of atmospheric processes and their implications for wind energy.

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