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FLOW Webinar Recap: Advancements in Offshore Wind Lidar Measurement Campaign Design Resulting from the Global Blockage Experiment (GloBE) 🌬️

In an enlightening webinar held in January 2024, the FLOW project unveiled key insights into the future of wind energy, showcasing ground-breaking innovations and research findings that promise to shape the industry's trajectory.

Key Insights:

🎯Sources of Bias and Uncertainty: The seminar delved into the meticulous investigation conducted by DTU within the GloBE project to identify and mitigate sources of bias and uncertainty in offshore wind lidar measurements. These included inaccuracies arising from offshore wind turbine motion, sea state, foundation design, and device levelling errors, among others.

🛠️Strategies for Uncertainty Mitigation: Efforts to minimize uncertainties were paramount in achieving the project goals, particularly given the small expected magnitude of the blockage effect. Practical strategies included pre- and post-campaign lidar calibrations, integration of motion sensors, development of new lidar pointing calibration methods using aerial drones, and careful design of measurement scenarios and scan scheduling.

🔍Practical Applications and Challenges: Dr. Elliot Simon's presentation shed light on the complexity of offshore scanning lidar measurements and provided insights into the latest developments and innovations. The material presented offers valuable guidance for achieving lower uncertainties in offshore measurement campaigns and highlights the inherent challenges in accurately measuring wind conditions offshore.

👨‍🔬 About the Speaker: Dr. Elliot Simon, a Senior R&D Engineer at DTU (Denmark), is dedicated to advancing the use of lidars and lidar data within wind energy. With over a decade of experience in measurements and research, Dr. Simon combines practical expertise with cutting-edge research concepts to collaborate with the global wind industry and academic partners. His extensive work includes lidar hardware and software development, complex measurement campaign execution, and wind power forecasting research.

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