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FLOW Webinar Recap: Unlocking Wind Insights off the U.S. West Coast 🌬️

Updated: Apr 29

FLOW Horizon Europe Project Webinar

Dr. Raghu Krishnamurthy from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory took us on a fascinating journey into the heart of wind dynamics in the recent FLOW webinar. 🤯 Here's a brief overview of the insights shared:

🌊 Offshore Wind Assessment: The U.S. DOE, in collaboration with the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, deployed lidar-equipped buoys off the Morro Bay and Humboldt coasts, providing a comprehensive view of wind, turbulence, oceanography, and more.

🔄 Model Calibration: The measurements served a dual purpose, aiding in the calibration of atmospheric and oceanographic models. The data becomes crucial for validating models and developing new parameterization schemes.

🌐 Resource Summary: Dr. Krishnamurthy summarized the wind resource off the U.S. West Coast, addressing reanalysis model errors and exploring coupled wind-wave modeling advantages and disadvantages.

🔍 High-Resolution Simulations: The presentation showcased novel multi-day high-resolution large-eddy simulations, offering valuable insights into frontal passages and post-frontal cloud dynamics in wind energy lease areas.

🚀 Future Challenges: The observations and simulations provided valuable information to tackle challenges in floating offshore wind along the U.S. West Coast, emphasizing areas for further improvement in reducing offshore wind resource assessment uncertainty.

👤 About the Speaker: Dr. Raghu Krishnamurthy, leading a multidisciplinary team at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, shared his expertise in understanding the offshore environment for wind energy applications. His current projects include DOE's Lidar Buoy Program and Wind Forecasting Improvement Project Phase 3 (WFIP3).

Missed the webinar? Stay tuned for more updates on our wind energy insights series! 🌍

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